Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Family Picnic 08

MGS families were on a day out on 10.02.08 to poondi reservoir site - situated in Thiruvallur district - which is feeding drinking water to most of the Chennaites.......
The resrvoir and its surroundings look very pleasent and the dam site view too is attractive for the tourists.....Unlike last year, this time the climate was very "cooperative" .

Enroute, the picnic party visited some temples too....Jagannatha Perumal temple - Thirumazhisai, Veera raghava perumal temple - Thiruvallur and Anjaneya (60 feet) temple, Kakkaloor....

Some snaps are uploaded here http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaipur/sets/72157603893859706/


Thursday, January 17, 2008

aryanet sangamam 07.

first " aryanet" sangamam 07 - global online interaction of guptans and allied communities - was held on 23.12.07 at katampazhippuram (vadakkepat ashtami rohini )...

self introduction of members, seminars, debates and various cultural activities were the highlights of the event ....

some snaps of the functions are available here .... http://picasaweb.google.com/aryavaisya/Aryanet07


Monday, September 3, 2007


Madras Guptan Samajam's Onam celebration & annual meeting - ONAPPOOTHALAM 2007 -was held on 01.09.07 at WUS Centre auditorium, Chetpet. The event started with a marvellous Onappookkalam - set by the Mahila wing of the samajam led by Mrs Valsala Ramakrishnan - and after the Easwara prarthana by samajam family members Mrs Santha Achuthan & Mrs Vijayalakshmi , Chief Guest Dr C Subramannian, CEO of BAeHAL Softwares Ltd, Bangalore has officially inaugurated the function by lighting the tradition lamp ,around 1100 AM. Samajam vice president , sri V Vijayan welcomed the gathering and the chief guest was honoured by president Sri AR Narayanan.

In his inspiring speech , the chief guest has emphasized the necessity of such organizations especially when people are living away from their home towns. He was kind enough to give away the meritorious awards to the toppers of 10th & 12th students among the children of samajam members. Eminent social worker from palakkad (Pallikkurup) , Sri A Sukumaran has given felicitation speech during the ocassion...

Samajam secretary V Balasubrahmannian has presented the annual report and listed various programmes of the samajam in the pipe line. Treasurer V Mani has presented the accounts. Vice president Kishore Guptan said the vote of thanks. After the traditional Onam feast , there were variety cultural programmes including bharath natyam, kaikottikkali, carnatic music, snake dance, onappattukal,etc...The programme was concluded by singing national anthem..

some of the snaps are uploaded here http://flickr.com/photos/vaipur/sets/72157601818620902/


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Girl Power ......

It is a happy ocassion to know about this good news that - recently 6 engineering students of MGS community have got selected to major IT giants (MNCs) through campus interviews...

They are :-
# Ms Uma - Infosys ( D/o VS Guptan, Velachery )
# Ms Jisha - Wipro ( D/o C Balakrishnan, Ernavoor )
# Ms Sneha - C T S ( D/o V Vijayan , Triplicane )
# Ms Akhila - T C S ( D/o P Anantha Ramakrishnan, Perambur)
# Ms Divya - Infosys ( D/o AK Unnikrishnan, Perambur )
# Ms Priya - Wipro ( D/o VS Guptan, Velachery )

Lets congratulate them for this wonderful achievement and hope this will be an inspiration for the students in coming years .. Wish all of them to excel in their profession, in future....

for MGS
V Balasubrahmannian

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Family Tour & Picnic

A sunny day out to Mahabalipuram :-
Madras guptans and their families went on a one day tour to mahabalipuram and muttukkad on 01 may 07 .

The Pancha Rathas.............a marvellous poem on stones.... one of the major specialities of mahabalipuram ..

kuts became part of " puranaas " . Like this there are many sculptures in and around mahabalipuram...

What picnic without a sadya ??...... and ofcourse it was tasty too....the major ingradient was hunger !!!!..

MGS-ians and their families inside the panch ratha....... a hide out from the shining sun too.....

After the sunny day, then came a pleasent evening at muttukkadu... seniors and juniors are on a wavy boat ride......

That was the end of MGS's first family tour and picnic.......All parted away by same day evening hoping similar tours in future ........

MGS News desk

Monday, July 16, 2007

Today is KARKKIDAKAM 1.......

Hi friends,

Today is "karkkidakam" 1.... As most of you know this month is celebrated as " Ramayana Masam " and back home , most of us read Ramayanam daily through out the month...

In our native , the month of "Karkkidakam" is also treated as " treatment month" in Ayurveda when most of the "sukha chikilsa" are conducted....May be b'coz of the rainy seasons and the nature's gifted climate during this period when such treatments are most effective....

In olden times, when majority of the people were depending on agriculture livelyhood, this month was even named as " kalla karkkidakam " as there use to be no income expected during this month......

May be due to these all reasons, this month was/is not considered for any good functions like marriages,etc....

But today's consumer world has gradually transformed this month to a stock-clearence month through " Aadi Thallupadi" ....

For more news on karkkidakam, pls log on to http://www.manoramaonline.com/cgi-bin/MMOnline.dll/portal/ep/malayalamContentView.do?contentType=EDITORIAL&programId=1073753316&articleType=Astrology&contentId=2691408&BV_ID=@@@

snehathode ,

Thursday, July 5, 2007

MGS 5 - Eye Camp

A " soujanya nethra parisodhana camp" - Free Eye Camp - was organized by the Samajam in co-ordination with Chennai's famous Agarwal Eye hospital , on 01 Apr 2007 .

More than 60 persons attended the camp including needy locals.. The camp was sponsored by one of the MGS member' s - Vadakkepat trust.

MGS News team